The Package Was Too Big

The Package Was Too Big

A Poem by TTBoy


Everyone was so excited

They could not wait  for the package to arrive

   to see what was inside

  the package


And when the doorbell rang

 the exuberance intensified


Together they approached

  sweat formed and beaded

 forehead to armpit to crotch


They were so excited


And the door they approached

 appeared as a zipper busting at the seams


Slowly extending a hand

 an arm

They reached

and in unison they opened the door

as they fell

falling as if bowing to a deity


And when the chanting was done

They raised their heads with hands

 made into steeples

and opened their eyes

 so that their mouths collectively widened

to welcome such a beautiful package that everyone

 may not be able to accept but enjoy


© 2010 TTBoy

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