Jealousy in Heaven

Jealousy in Heaven

A Poem by TTBoy

He is not with God,

 He is dead.


Followed life

by the book

Everything so well calculated

If a temper flared,

 Repentance for forgiveness

  Apology sought

True love

 True devotion


And when time came

 He went into the light

Knowing his maker would accept him

 he feared not

Side by side was he with another

The gate was not there

 Long had he yearned to stand outside

and be invited in

Only a hand guided them both

 attaching itself to one of them only


As the voice trailed,

He was alone

 without God but with


That was not enough

He wanted what he worked so hard


And before he could call out, the hand

  appeared and halted

Demanding to be taken to God,

 He was dismissed back to peace


Still not enough


 Asking what he did wrong, there was


  Again and again

     The hand levitated in front of him

Frustrated and now requesting to

return to the life he knew,

   The voice spoke:


    My child,

     Do not despair for the book you read from

     was written by Man and interpreted by them

     the best they could.

     Forgive them for misleading you as Free Will is what I

     gave Man.  Never did I say that you would sit beside Me.

     You entered with My Son and we discussed you as we

     both walked away.  He made sure you got to me safely.

     It is because of your Love, not just for Me, but for my

     other children that you are here.  Here, is Love.

     Here is rest.  Here is gratitude.




When the hand touched but for

  a moment upon his shoulder,

It disappeared

It glowed

He felt himself glow

And soon he noticed others

 waiting for him

And he noticed

Where he was


© 2010 TTBoy

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