The Road Not Travelled

The Road Not Travelled

A Poem by TTBoy

If the greatest thing one can say about Life is,

 “Well, I’m alive…,”

   is that enough?

When some wish for their life to

 end on this heaven or hell,

 there are those who wish it would never end

Lesson plans come easy for those who

 can afford paper and pens and pencils

Not all can be retained mentally

 Even for those who have achieved accolades

   honorarily or matriculatedly

As time passes, age catches up and passes up

 taking our livelihood with it

And as we start to feel the aches we think

 life has bestowed upon us

  we question ourselves


     We may regret not sleeping with so-and-so when

    we had the chance to


     We wonder what it would have been like to

    marry so-and-so


      What would our life be like had we not

    had children?


      What would life be like had we not

    gotten sick?


       What would life be like had we

    said, “Yes?”


        What would life be like had we

    said, “No?”


         What if I had never had that abortion?


         What if my abusing boyfriend had not died

    in that car crash?


          What if my boss had not gotten transferred

    on the day she was to suspend me?


     On the edge of our bed

     On the commode

     On a park bench

        Alone in a restaurant

             We wonder

         Sometimes we cry

           Sometimes we laugh


    Many times we shake it off because

we wonder why we are having the thoughts

 and feelings we are having at that time

And we convince ourselves that we’re

 all swell, peachy

   until we meet someone who decided to give up

 everything and travel to their desired destination

And they are happy, maybe not

 everyday – but they are pursuing life

Having created their own blueprint,

  they awaken and thank their higher power

             for their happiness

© 2010 TTBoy

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