The Swamp

The Swamp

A Poem by TTBoy

Mirky tears flowed while

 words were mumbled through moth bitten

lips and swallowed tongue

Stretched and still reaching

was the arm attached to the hand

that clinched the chapeau

of the villain that toss aside the virgin

for sheer sacrificial delight

as he offered his seed to the

burial ground

With minimum security

 he exacerbated his whistle by

relieving the rugged extension of himself

into the sesspool of roleplay desire

He begged forgiveness with laughter

and as he craved another slice,

the stench of formaldehyde boosted his

 already drunken skull to part the

hellacious ocean of gloom to reach his

defiled Juliette

providing her with hope of rescue

as a podium formed below her feet

comfortably allowing herself to accept him again

Willingly adding her feet to the stirrup formed moss

 With his name now being yelled at volumes

the crocodiles grew belligerent watching as their turf

 was used as someone else’s playground

But as one is spent

 so is the other

And the highs are over

And the crocodiles will smile



© 2010 TTBoy

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