An Amazing Soul

The Amazing Soul

A Story by TTBoy

He is with her

She awakens each morning

readies herself for a walk

and even the stroll she used to

 take with Him

She often wonders

how the coffee was made

and how all the dishes were put away

But she cannot forget the way

they walked and talked together

And as she exists the home she shared

 with Him,

the Welcome Mat is back in place

The wake caused her to remove a few



His walking stick was saved

as was his favorite hat

though she could never find them

on her way out the door

She stopped fearing animals

 as the ferocious ones all seem to

  flee her upon sight

But she smiles when the little ones


Her husband Paul always liked the

 little ones

   He said that they had bigger hearts

She always thought that he was joking



 The same little dog met her outside and walked

  with her to the park

And everyday she had the same bench

 the same view and different morsels

  for her little friend

   She just could not find the right ones for


Beautifully groomed

 Her little friend rested his head in her lap

  as she told of her Paul

Funny, how he would bark or growl

 whenever she told of an incorrect date

  or period of time

He kept her on point

And the hours they spent at the park

 made her feel at peace

And she felt peace

But on this day,

  She would invite the little one in

   since he wore no collar and was

    always there

He had no name

 Yet only one would fit her best friend



Motioning him inside

 He scurried past her and for a moment,

  she could have sworn the figure of a man

   resembling her late Paul entered her home


And placed his walking stick in the corner

 and his favorite hat on the table at the door

He did not turn around

  But her little friend Paul did and he

let out a little bark and panted

 and then jumped into Paul’s favorite chair

  and went to sleep


And she felt peace

© 2010 TTBoy

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