Dancing With The Stars – and the boos should continue…!

Carrie Ann Inaba has to be the most biased judge on DWTS.  Although Bruno gave famed singer, Michael Bolton, a horrendous score of 3, Carrie Ann consistently delivers poor scores to those who don’t deserve them. 

Week One.  Jennifer Grey did not deliver an outstanding performance.  Yet, because of her breakdown at the remembrance of ex-onscreen dance partner, Patrick Swayze (R.I.P.), Carrie Ann made sure Jennifer was rewarded by one-upping Brandy (who danced much better than Jennifer, by the way). 

On tonight’s show, Janelle Monae gave a stellar performance to “Tightrope.”  Thank goodness she didn’t lip-sync.  If anyone should be forced to lip-sync, it should be Carrie Ann.  The so-called “booing incident should have probably been for Jennifer Grey’s scores.  Miss Grey does not deserve the high scores she’s been receiving.  Then again, neither does Bristol Palin.  I do not belive that the boos were for Sarah Palin.  She’s way too popular for even the show.  And, no.  I am not a complete fan!

     You can always tell when certain people are in jeopardy.  For example, Brandy and Kyle Massey should not be up on the stage together.  It is a dead giveaway when two black contestants are on the stage at the same time.  Shame on DWTS.  Brandy, a fabulous dancer and a perfectionist, needs to shut up and take direction sometimes.  It’s okay to talk, but she appears pushy.  She is Carrie Ann’s main target for elimination.  When Brandy is gone, Carrie Ann can sigh relieved.

The dances the judges say that were “killed” by the stars, I am sure America is saying, “What the….?”  Are their comments all for show, for ratings?  As with The Situation, in no way is he a better dancer than Florence Henderson, Bristol Palin, or Margaret Cho.  Seal, was “In it to Win It” with a great performance of “I don’t wanna bring you down.”  His background dancers were fabulous!

     If there was one change I would like to see on Dancing With The Stars it would be switching Mary Murphy, from So You Think You Can Dance, with Carrie Ann from the show.  New or more energy is needed to save this show.  The best addition to DWTS are Chelsea and Lacey from So You Think You Can Dance.

     Rick Fox has not faltered one bit after divorcing from star Vanessa Williams.  As large a stature is Mr. Fox, one would assume him to be sloppy.  This is so not the case.

     I am not sorry to say that Michael Bolton should have been eliminated.  He was quite sincere in his response to his being eliminated.  With Chelsea Hightower, Michael’s dance partner, gone, the show will not be the same.  I really like her.

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