The Beach House

The Beach House

A Poem by TTBoy


The sand did not creep between

 our toes

yet we wiggled and writhed it

 into crevaces that sought other things.


What we did together

 not even the sun was hotter


When we streaked into your

 Dad’s Beach House,

I did not expect him to be present.

Just the mere sight of his sunglasses

 laying on the counter caused my

blindness to what I just had out on

 the piece of land he owned for whoever

wanted to see without



And when you added your Dad’s

 sunglasses to your face,

His presence and force softened

 as you looked better in them.

Not having to beg you to keep

 them on while over and over again,

we continued our open behavior

on his bed


From his eyes

 I saw myself

and a part of Him called out

 My Name,

softly, moanfully, painfully


© 2010 TTBoy

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