Bishop Eddie Long – You’ve Got Five Rocks…isn’t it time to use at least one of them?

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Bishop Eddie Long is really downplaying the sexual allegations against him.  Long is now accused of forcing himself upon four young men, teenagers at the time.  As Bishop Long presides over his mega church in Atlanta, New Birth Missionary Church, he’s now got many questioning everything about him. Of all of Long’s accusers, Jamal Parris, seems to be the most well-versed to speak of the accusations.  According to ABC News, “B.J. Bernstein, the lawyer for all four men, has refused to make her clients available to the media and has made it clear she doesn’t approve of them speaking to the public about the case.”  Give me a break.  Someone wants Jamal Parris to talk.  The reason Robinson and Flagg have not spoken publicly since their lawsuits were filed could have something to do with them not being media savvy.  They may never be the type ready to be put in front of a real media spotlight camera.  Maybe, if they were in an enclosed room, would they talk freely about what they are being forced to do.

     To make matters even more skeptical now is an allegation from Long’s ex-wife claiming that he beat her during her pregnancy with her son.  Apparently, the now Dabara Houston, claims that she was subjected to “cruel treatment” while still married to Long.  This accusation arose after a second accuser of Long’s surfaced.  Although Dabara Houston (Long) could not be reached for comment by, her brother, Lonnie Houston was available for comment.  To pretty much debunk Dabara Houston’s allegations, Lonnie said that he was not privy to his sister’s abuse allegations.  But, he did say, in support of Bishop Eddie Long, after a 20 year hiatus, that “He was a fine fellow.”

     Again, the alleged abuse took place at a time when the abused accusers were of legal age.  As Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg were the first to accuse Bishop Long of his wrong-doings, one would think that it would be them to be able to speak publicly about the accusations.  Instead, an older and more well-versed version of themselves surfaces and is used as the patron saint for all that has been defiled but wants to pray for the person who gave them everything. 

     Bishop Eddie Long is no saint.  And I am not in support of what he has done.  But I would like to see him handle this situation better than he has.  Whoever is giving him suggestions on how to handle this matter, namely his lawyers, they need to nip everything in the bud – and do it now!  Bishop Long, you were not put in that position by God, as there is no Touched by an Angel light shining behind you.  Man, put you in that position and now they want you out.  Do everyone a favor and tell the truth the way it happened.  There is no way you can be sleeping well at night.  You can’t even live your life in any way right now in the daytime.  Get everyone in a room and talk!  Get the boy’s attorney, along with your attorney, and a media personality.  There will be tears!  The greatest mistake you can make is to have someone sit in front of you and let the crocodile tears flow without saying a word.  Your attorney should be able to see that there is a possible conspiracy against you.  Open up, and sing for yourself!  You are being persecuted and you are receiving poor advice.  Use at least one of those rocks you have, David!  Goliath seems to have split personalities with one common goal…to take you down!  I think you’re way too smart to just sit back and let it all continue to destroy you.  There is forgiveness for everyone – even though you have been against so much in during your reign.  Own up to what you are and be who you are!

     Are all of Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers still in the Atlanta area?  Are they all discussing the case among their friends and associates?  Where are they getting their support, now that they are no longer on “Daddy’s” payroll?  Or, are they off the payroll?  They are still members of the church and the staff.

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