Control Freak

Control Freak

A Poem by TTBoy


Neither talk to me

 nor ask me to respond to you

Do what you must do


and be gone

There is a part of you and a

 piece of you I want to diminish

  along with the labotomy that

you need

for exhibiting such wicked and pitiful behavior

Giving you the nickname


is way too good for you

but I do feel sorry for everyone you

  come in contact with

because they will see my power in your

 sunken doe-like eyes

and will want to experience what you had


You should never have escaped me

What will you do now?

Go back to being a Candy Striper?

There’s no way anybody would believe your

 name is Candy

Striper, maybe

 because of the way you clawed the walls

  trying to get away from those tarantulas that

somehow escaped the bucket they were in while you

 were in that dimly lit pit

There’s no way to duplicate that

 It’s too classic

But you had fun, didn’t you?

Now this is how this is going to work

 I am going to call you every three hours from now on

and you better answer

If you don’t,

       just remember, I know you

   And to everyone listening to this message,

        you’re all surrounded


© 2010 TTBoy

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