Rutgers University and its diverse people… They get them killed!

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Facebook, a venue used by more people on the planet to connect and re-connect to members of the human race and more popular than the Bible, was used by a Rutgers University student to issue his farewell before jumping off the George Washington Bridge.  What classic ways to announce your departure.

Tyler Clementi, an 18 year-old Rutgers University student wrote on September 22 at 8:42pm, “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”  This never would have happened had his roommate, Dharun Ravi, not used a camera to film Tyler having sex with a male.  It has been said that Tyler requested to use his and his roommate’s dorm room until midnight on two occasions, September 19 and September 21 (the day before the fatally).  As a so-called friend of Dharun’s, Michael Zhuang,  for six years states about Dharun, “I’m in shock, I didn’t expect this to happen and I am just speechless.  He’s normally very nice and I don’t think this is a representation of him.  He’s very open-minded and he, like if it had been a girl in the room it wouldn’t have been any different.”  What?  Did Zhuang have any input for Dharun as to how to set up the computer’s camera?  This to me, sounds like Zhuang is trying to cover for himself.  Can we assume that Zhuang is an accessory to Clementi’s demise?

Molly Wei, another student at Rutgers, has been charged along with Dharun with two counts of invasion of privacy on Clementi (according to a written statement).  There is no “alleged” anything here, they have both admitted to the crime and they should be charged with voluntary manslaughter because of their roles in Clementi’s death.  Although Wei had no active role in the filming of Clementi’s encounter with another male, he was aware of the filming after accepting Dharun into his room – so that Dharun could then activate the camera (ABC News).  Dharun obviously got a kick out of filming his roommate having sex with others.  On September 19, Dharun even tweeted, “Roommate asked for the room till midnight.  I went into molly’s room and turned on my webcam.  I saw him making out with a dude.  Yay.”  After this happened, why didn’t Molly Wei tell someone of Dharun’s actions?  Both have since bailed out on $25,000.  I think this is preposterous. 

Does Rutgers have their students sign any kind of document stating that they will be respective of not only their roommate’s culture, but of others cultures as well?  Rutgers should have a way of monitoring any kind of viral transmittals from campus or any spots related to Rutgers University.  Had there been some type of monitoring of this nature, the site could have been shut down immediately and the campus police notified.

My heart goes out to Tyler Clementi for having been outed this way – if, in fact, he had not come out to his family.  And, although they cannot bring their son back, they should seek some sort of compensation and promise that this will not happen to another student, not only on the Rutgers University campus but anywhere across the United States of America.  Another situation arises where it should be known if Dharun and Wei are citizens of the United States.  If they are not, and considering the seriousness of their demeanor to violate not only Rutgers University’s Code of Conduct, but the offense to America, they should be sent back to their respective countries and not allowed back in indefinitely.  Everyone should call for Rutgers University to take a strong stand against demeaning behavior – which even sounds to be a “Hate Crime.”  The two violators knew that Tyler Clementi was gay and exploited that on camera to the world. 

There has been no talk about the male in the video with Tyler Clementi.  Could this have been the person who wrote on the Facebook memorial, “R.I.P from a stranger?”  For anyone to state that Dharun was or is not a prankster needs to have his or her head examined.  No, this wasn’t a prank!  This was a blatant stunt that caused someone’s death.  Should authorities delve deeper into Dharun’s past, they may be sure to discover other offenses.  This goes for Wei as well.  If I were to ask everyone to send some type of message to Rutgers University and the New Jersey police requesting that the two suspects’ bail be revoked and that they remain in jail until trial, it would be just too much.  But, if I were to ask people to respond to Tyler Clementi’s issue in their own way, could it be done? 

     This was such a senseless act.  No one can say that these two college students were not aware of the severity of what they concocted.  Shame on them and shame on Rutgers University for accepting such “students.”  The only closure to this situation is Tyler Clementi’s death and his parents having to mourn his death.  If nothing is done, Rutgers, who’s next?

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