Rutgers University – and it’s Mean Adults!

Official Seal of Rutgers University
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When a student goes off to college, DO NOT CONSIDER THEM CHILDREN!  As SAT scores are used as a measure to determine the livelihood of one’s future, why not say that the SATs produce grown-ups?  If Rutgers University admitted such talent as Ravi Dharun and Molly Wei, the ones solely responsible for the death of Tyler Clementi, were they not knowledgeable enough to know that there could have been a negative fallout from the stunt that Dharun played on Clementi?

Dharun just didn’t tape Clementi having sex with another person and then blackmail him with the recording.  He put it on the internet for others to see.  Talk about mean people.  I could only imagine that Dharun was jealous of Clementi’s “prowess.”  Look at it this way, Dharun had to know that Clementi was gay, first of all.  Secondly, Dharun just needed a reason to use his newfound technology to film somebody.  This all seems a little to fishy.  For this to happen twice, only means that Dharun had it out for Clementi.  In any sense, what was done was wrong.  You have a young man dead because of a prank.  Though I don’t remember the exact dates, I recall an incident on “The Jenny Jones Show” where producers fed information to a gentleman who ultimately killed a gay gentleman.  As a result, Jenny Jones lost her show, money, credibility, etc. 

     Was this a Hate Crime?  Whether anyone wants to own up to it or not, gay apparently is still a horrible way to be for many human beings.  Across the country, should not other gay students, people, worry about their safety in the way of having their privacy invaded.  I don’t think Tyler Clementi would have imagined that anyone could do something like that to harm him.  Others have stated that he was very likeable.  Could they really say that about Dharun and Wei?  Dharun’s friend really is not credible enough to offer a comment about his “friend.”  For all we know, Dharun’s friend who told ABC News that Dharun was just a prankster, Michael Zhuang, may have known all along what Dharun was planning.  Picture this, they had only known each other a few weeks, how is it that Dharun was immediately ready to perform such an act on his roommate?  This behavior was brought into Rutgers University.  Does Rutgers University not have some type of pre-screening for abstract behavior of their potential candidates?

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