She Angers Most Men In The Cold

She Angers Most Men In The Cold

A Poem by TTBoy







The camera loves what

 she loves

And she loves her true self


 Nudity, most of all


She sells it


Men want it

 to own it

As Vivienne and Vera

commissioned her the

camera craved her

 above it all

underneath it all

Beside her a man could do

 nothing but take up space


If he only knew that he would

 be airbrushed out,

in the beginning,

  he would want to wear

   what she could wear well

 until he felt the chill

in the air 


 No short-comings for her

  But in the end

   men are nothing

compared to a jewel

 that even in the ruff

   she is buff

and still outshines all


© 2010 TTBoy

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