Sherri Shepherd on The View needs a better view of what men do

The View (U.S. TV series)
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Sherri Shepherd from The View wants Bishop Eddie Long to come on out and say that he “did not have sex with those boys.”  Well, Sherri, why do you want him to say that?  What difference would it make?  She stated how eloquently accuser Jamal Parris was when he gave a so-called impromptu interview with a reporter.  Did you ever think, Sherri, that the interview was contrived?  Could it have been that the interview was made to look like Jamal was caught off guard?  Oh, and by the way, Sherri, did you want Bill Clinton to come out and say that he did have sex with that woman?

     I really think we are focusing on the wrong things here.  If we only looked at “Why Now,” things would, I think, go away much quicker.  For some reason, America‘s Black leaders are being singled out for ethics issues.  One by one, they are all seeming to fall down.  For the four accusers of the Bishop Eddie Long scandal to all come out now, why?  They talk about Bishop Eddie Long coercing them into having sex with him.  But who has coerced them to out him?  And, who is supporting these young men now?  They obviously do not have jobs.  They seem to be very approachable in the Atlanta area.  Someone has to be supporting these young men.

     Back to Sherri.  This should not make your heart hurt, Sherri.  It happens.  I am sure that you have discovered someone in your past to not be what you always thought he was.  It’s not all about the Black men either, Sherri.  Now that we all know that Bishop Long is wrong, ask why his accusers are attacking him at this time.  There has to be a reason for it.  Should we find that there is a conspiracy against our Black leaders, would that soften the blow, Sherri?  Remember, this has been going on for years.  The parents knew – so why are you trying to be so sympathetic to them?  Everyone knew!  The young men could have told someone and reported what was going on.  But they wanted and liked the perks.  They liked the finer things that that life gave them.  Somewhere at sometime, someone got to these boys.  They are not divulging this story in the name of God, they are doing it for someone else’s greed.  Just remember what happened during the Atlanta Child Murders.

I do hope Sherri gets a man in her life that her son can look up to.

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