At Rutgers University – it’s a prank, no matter how many times you hurt someone

How many times must a person be pranked for the situation to be taken seriously?

Tyler Clementi committed suicide after he was “pranked” by Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, two college students who knew of Tyler’s sexual status. The severity of this teen suicide has been downplayed to a misunderstanding by everyone including other students at the university. This is a clear indication for all “sexually disadvantaged” that if you are of an alternative sexual nature, you will not be taken seriously. By anyone! Is this not a Hate Crime? How is it that the two students responsible for a Rutgers University fatality only be charged with invasion of privacy? And, in the third degree!

I am still wondering about Tyler’s family. Do they plan to see the two suspects prosecuted to the fullest for what they did to their son? Forgive me for saying this but did the fact that their son was gay affect them harsher than his being gay (and no longer alive)? There is a coldness here, and I don’t really understand why.

Has the person Tyler Clementi was videotaped with been found? Was this person a student? Why is this point not being considered? Was this a pre-meditated situation with Ravi and Wei?

To call Dharun Ravi a bully would mean that Ravi would have had to have been reported to school officials about the first incident. It is my understanding that he was reported to a resident assistant about his invading Clementi’s privacy. But nothing was done. Maybe, had something been done aboutthe first incident, Clementi might still be alive.

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