A Poem by TTBoy

The mega mecca of all

 that could have been

Shrouded in secrecy

 all that was

Destined to fall

 is all that could be

So many lonely hearts

awaiting a call from agents

 of all sorts

Laid to be paid

no hope for overtime

Promises kept to the chosen few

Disheartening the true

Malicious are they

 who are kept at bay

Escaping from the North

  with much to say

Federated scoffs at a union

As caviar dreams see diminution and confusion

Though the plastic still see the flame

Just as long as they stay in the game

That makes them think that they do


Controlling their minds into mushy


Glitz and glamour, it’s all the rave

Until it’s real food that they crave

Every man is on his own

No one’s really there to throw you a bone

But for a chance to sing and dance

There’s a camera, a couch, and a place to lose your pants

Not many have made it, and they know why

They just didn’t have that something

 shot in their eye

But as a politician turns from a magician

Some would be better off staying in the kitchen

Smoking will cause choking

Especially wanting to be seen as joking

A few dollars will go a long way

But a few more will get you on TV today

15 minutes is what everybody wants

Until their past is uncovered and it shutters and haunts

A lovely city with a history to boot

With all the corruption, who’s pocketing all the loot?

It can’t be the preachers

 They got their own scandals

Maybe it’s another pure and innocent soul

 Walking with a beard and wearing sandals

© 2010 TTBoy

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