Carl Paladino and Christine O’Donnell are the two sides that form a tea bag for The Tea Party

Wow, the Tea Party has its new McCain and Palin. Welcome Carl “I’ll Take You Out” Paladino and Christine “I’ll Put A Spell On You” O’Donnell.

It’s just amazing how much politics have changed since the advent of Barack Obama. Not only is the Republican Party showing its brawn by exhibiting a no-holds-barred candor, their letting it show like the mob is in charge. With two Italian candidates going head-to-head for the Mayoral seat of New York, you get a feel that it’s not about talent or who’s qualified for the job; but it’s all about what will run New York State. A Mob of misfits!

Today, we have candidates exploding on the scene throwing accusations of their rivals having extra-marital affairs while they are married – with no proof. Then, when the candidate who made the accusation is confronted about the issue, they threaten the reporter and even create something else more outrageous. This was the case with Carl Paladino. This is the person the Tea Party wants in the White House. And I think I know why. Fear. An Italian with the person of a mob boss would be the perfect representative to go up against a President like Barack Obama. Fear. If you don’t agree with him, he’ll take you out! With skeletons of his own, Carl Paladino has a history of skewing facts and speaking without thinking. Sounds a lot like Rosie O’Donnell.

Speaking of an O’Donnell, Christine O’Donnell is being charged with avoiding answering questions, dabbling in witchcraft, and denying that evolution ever occurred. Oh my! And she didn’t even go to college. She graduated from an online university. She’s even denied using company funds for her private needs. Just another game that the Tea Party is playing on America. When Barack Obama and Joe Biden ran for President, their opponents were John McCain and Sarah Palin. It makes no sense to give their credentials because they are so famous already. If we compare McCain and Paladino, we will find both men quite similar. Loud and skewing the facts. With Palin and O’Donnell, there is that smile with nothing to support it. The two are perfect representatives of the Tea Party.
Both O’Donnell and Paladino have scandals that surround them. America would have to be totally vindictive to President Obama to put people like O’Donnell and Paladino in the White House. New York and Delaware are important for either party wins. As many would say that America has gone to Hell after voting a Black man as President, they would probably be more comfortable having the President’s position occupied by someone not even qualified to hold an entry level position at the White House. With a different scandal and accusation made everyday, we can never forget the biggest scandal of all-time: Gore vs. Bush. It seems to be happening all over again…just with different players in different positions.

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