Confess Your Love To Me

Confess Your Love To Me

A Poem by TTBoy

Share a bottle of wine

 With me

And let the spirits take us where they


No matter what happens

We will accept it


And when we talk on the


And I or you should happen to

 say something wrong for the moment

Let’s take that hit and be done with it


We may not care for every person

 in each of our ives

But they are all there for a reason

Well, we know who the bad ones are


Should there ever happen to be

 a time when I have to commit a crime,

I will not fault you for the answer give


I believe there is a reason

 for everything

And I hope we can do




If ever we do not want to

 do something or

anything together

Can we promise to tell each other

 right away?


In other words,

  If ever our feelings for each other

    start to


   can we promise to tell each other

    right away?

© 2010 TTBoy

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