Make My Body Speak In Tongues

Make My Body Speak In Tongues

A Poem by TTBoy


It doesn’t take me being up-close and on

 you to make me want to writhe and humiliate

myself in front of whomever and whoever wants to

 know just how much

and what you do to me without touching


and there is no way they don’t

 can’t feel the same way

Ashamed of what I have?


and the way you walk

 the way you command attention from even

the most self-professed father of beastiality

makes me want to streak

 with the possibility of getting hit and run over

by the most savvy of trucks

 because that is how I want to feel

  after you have had my way with me


If I ask you to look my way

 it would blow my cover

for a blown cover is such a tease

when one could be blown on the cover

under cover

blown no less

But give me more and settle my score

 with a hole that you bore in one who screams

  to be one hot as hell whore

envied by everyone because you

 get to be inside me

and still command attention

 while standing still beside each other

  causing such a sexual revolution

that even our scent could not be contained

leaving sniffers completely


© 2010 TTBoy

One thought on “Make My Body Speak In Tongues

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