A Poem by TTBoy

What you have done

makes all powers living and


envy you

Defying the odds

you never should have become

the phenomenon you have come to be


And when I look at you

And hear the same voice you

 used to callme with when

I was a child

It resonates with me

And I want to always remember


 but please do not make me

chase you

It would be too hard to try and

have you re-create that magic

that made me the person I am today


But, stay beside me

Even if you cannot

 be with me at all times

Do not cause me to lose your love

  for me by always outdoing yourself

with your love for me


Be My Mother

 and you will be my everything


And if ever my ego expands,

  remind me

And if ever I seem to doubt anything,

  remind me

And remember that when you lay

 your head down during the day or night,

  know that you are loved

For because of you, I have asked my

higher powers for a favor too

© 2010 TTBoy

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