Nae Nae

Nae Nae

A Poem by TTBoy

Nae Nae is a girl

 who likes boys

She is the reason

 for all their toys

Nae Nae makes them dream

 of her

She is the only one that

 they prefer

Messing with the boys minds

 making them bop

behind the blinds, oh behind the blinds

Nae Nae

is the girl of their world

Nae Nae

 closes the door to many

When she opens it

 there’s always plenty

Nae Nae

 never needs a thing

She can even make a mute

 boy sing

Nae Nae

 loves being a girl

She loves to watch

 as things unfurl

Nae Nae

 will always be on top

She makes the girls

 tell their boys to stop

Nae Nae

is the girl of the world

She makes the boys keep their toes all curled

Nae Nae

is the littlest angel

She’s the one all the girs want to strangle

© 2010 TTBoy

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