Your Middle Finger

Your Middle Finger

A Poem by TTBoy

This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                             Your middle finger pleases me

                             The length of it

                             The width of it

                             The way you command it to do your

                            bidding excites me

                            I watch the way you position your middle

                            finger and I want to emulate it when I am

                            alone but I can’t

                            I even try to hold it in front of my nose

                           and smell what you do afterwards

                           when we are in the restaurant

                           But I prefer you to do it

                           Just like you do when you scoop the

                            whipped cream from my cappuccino and

                           offer me a taste

                           And I cream because your middle finger

                                 pleases me

                           I notice everything about your middle


                            that same finger you use to stir your


                       My, how Neanderthal how Cro-Magnon

                           how seductive

                           And I daydream about that finger

                         and its quite possibilities and feel that

                       I am the most important person in the world

                        That thing

                        That glorious thing buggers me and when

                       a substitution is needed

                        I day dream again and again as to when I will

                       get the chance to see your middle finger

                        extended from your hand

                       knowing all it takes is for someone and then

                         anyone to turn down an advance from


                       And that thing

                       That glorious thing

                       is mine

                       All mine

                        And I don’t even have to open my mouth

© 2010 TTBoy

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