Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full

Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full

A Poem by TTBoy

This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

 Already there

Knees proportionately padded

from numerous acts of kindness

She felt it her duty

instead of giving her booty

to give pleasure any other way

Taking head was not

 for the bed

It was best that the fruit hung

But if that was joy

 for the boy

and warm landing for his toy,

Everyday the fat lady sung

For who would have thought

or worst, who would be caught

manning every man’s band

But his was an exception

a true stallion-like reflection

of why one couldn’t use just one hand

So she aimed to please

and didn’t bother to grease

her lips as she’s done so many times before

Oh and this stiff was a chore

 and offered so much more

She would have to find a new word for whore

As she choke

this bloak

tried to get her to say his name

But because of his size

And woah!  To her surprise

her attempt took all eleven just the same

He already knew it

And man, he really blew it

It splattered everywhere

She didn’t want it to stop

 for he would think her a flop

She didn’t want it in her hair

Slurping and guzzling

though what’s so puzzling

was how she took all he had to give

When you know so much about someone

it can be so much fun

Especially when her name is Olive

© 2010 TTBoy

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