Rick Sanchez vs. Jon Stewart Hmmmmm….what’s wrong with this picture?

Rick Sanchez, now the ex-host of CNN’s “Rick’s List,”  was fired on Friday due to a comment he made out Comedy Central‘s, Jon Stewart, of “The Daily Show.”  Apparently, after Rick Sanchez pokes fun at such notables like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Christine O’Donnell (see witchcraft), Jon Stewart got his little panties in a smaller wad all because Rick called him a “bigot and questioned whether Jewish people should be considered a minority.”  Now I don’t know which hit a nerve more or harder with Mr. Stewart.  As Mr. Stewart is known for his comical views and his below the belt antics, did he not want people to know that he was Jewish?  Jon Stewart pokes fun at everybody.  And, as Rick’s popularity was on the rise, Jon was not having it. 

     During an interview with Pete Dominick, a CNN contributor and once the warm-up comic for “The Daily Show,” Rick Sanchez so eloquently had Dominick point out that Stewart was in fact, Jewish and comes from a minority group.  But as Sanchez dismissed the notion, he kind of agreed that Jewish people are “an oppressed minority.”   The reason Sanchez used the word “bigot” was to distinguish himself from Stewart in that Rick’s family “was poor and his father was the victim of prejudice.”  I really can’t see why Stewart became enraged because he couldn’t relate to how someone else grew up.  Then as Jon Stewart can deliver a joke, he sure can’t take one.  When Rick took back the “bigot” word after further discussion with Dominick, Rick boosted Stewart’s status by saying, “He can make and break careers.”  All referring to Jon Stewart. 

     Jon Stewart, and his powers that are, released Rick Sanchez from his CNN position on Friday.  This goes to also show the powers of Oprah.  Jon Stewart’s appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show on September 21 really added to his stature, not only as a comedian but as a potential powerful politician.  As we all know, Oprah makes people bigger.  And Jon Stewart got big as a result of Oprah.  Therefore, is it safe to say that because Rick Sanchez had not made an appearance on Oprah’s show on or about the same time – that he would be doomed to any type of criticism made toward Jon Stewart?  Jon Stewart must really be on top of the world now that his lesser counterpart is now off the air.  Wow!  That’s power!  Jon Stewart and Oprah (OJS -Oprah and Jon Stewart – OJs).  I guess it was just in the cards for Rick Sanchez.

     To recall Rick Sanchez reminding everyone that he too is a minority, is to remember that President Barack Obama is a minority.  Things are being said and directed at minorities because they can be and have been done so often.  Rick believes that it is his heritage that has cost him his job (the Latino versus the Jew).  Who wins?  I do hope that Rick Sanchez gets his job back…if not at CNN, maybe on HBO as Bill Maher had to seek employment there (after being fired from ABC’s “Politically Incorrect”).  And I must say, Bill is very successful and retains his satirical candor.  Hiring and firing is usually done by a member of the upper echelon.  Safe is to say, Jon Stewart is a member of that elite club – and if he had his way, he could even fire the President of the United States of America.  Oh, but, then again, there is still Oprah.

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