Bishop Long may be….wrong for too long…

Bishop Long, the presiding pastor over Atlanta‘s megachurch, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, is a man who has four natural kids of his own, and an opponent of gay marriage (but whose church counsels its gay members into being straight), yet he stretches to pull at least four young men off the street into his den of debauchery.  But the word is today that the pastor is “not going to be pulled into street fight.”  Can the pastor save himself?  Should he stay mum on the issues?  Because these are all boys, now men, who claim to have been coerced into having sex with a man of Bishop Eddie Long‘s stature, was there ever a time when Bishop Long attempted to counsel these young men into becoming straight?  Were there any gay women in the organization that Bishop Long attempted to counsel straight who were also coerced into having sex with him?

     As there are probably quite a few to many gay people in Bishop Long’s congregation, it makes on wonder why its members, predominately black, choose to turn a blind eye to the fact that not only of the definitely probability that Bishop Long is gay – but that gays exist in their church.  It doesn’t take much of one’s own gaydar (a person’s gayness detector of other gays) to tell just who is gay.  There are even married people with one gay partner.  Living a lie?  Living in denial?  It seems to be okay with people of color just as long as there is no admittance of guilt.  Once the guilt or sin is admitted to, backs are most definite to be turned.  And the ousting occurs. 

     But ousting may not be the case with Bishop Long.  If he were to come out to his parishioners, they may be all too forgiving of his transgressions out of embarrassment.  No one wants to believe that they have been duped; especially being brainwashed to banish a lifestyle by a man of God only to discover that he himself did not practice what he preached.  The Bishop said to applause, “In times of challenge, there are several things that come out.  Your faith will be strengthened or weakened.  My faith is being strengthened.”  What did the people of the church applaud for?  I fail to understand the message that Bishop Long was sending out to the congregation when he delivered this speech.  Several things do come out…just not Bishop Long.  Also, Bishop Long still will not acknowledge that he is being targeted for a greater reason.  But, like he said to more applause, “I ain’t going to stop living.”  Maybe not.  I just hope you can guide your sheep to greener pasture.

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