CNN and their Young “Heroes”

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Image by acaben via Flickr

CNN has really gone overboard with its young conservatives.  It seems to be in really bad taste for a news program to be allowed to disavow the President of the United States of America, especially when the President of the United States of America has done more for the American people in the 22 months he has been in office.

     One person in particular that seems to be promoted by CNN is Jason Mattera.  Jason Mattera, Latino, like the disregarded Rick Sanchez, has written a book called, “Obama Zombies.”  The book is supposed to be a satire – but to be taken seriously about the Obama practices in the White House.  Jason is on the book tour circuit promoting his book and talking with young conservatives about the so-called flaws of President Obama.  Mattera goes on to say state that President Obama is all about “style over substance,” and that he is likened to Will Smith.  That’s funny, Will Smith is only in the limelight when he is promoting a new movie, which usually garners no less than hundreds of millions of dollars.  There is no way the Republicans will allow the President to come close to any such deal.   It seems the only time the Republicans will not block a concern of the President’s would be if it had anything to do with a Bush-enacted policy.  Just look at the banking fiasco.  President Obama fell right into that trap by bailing out the banks through a multi-billion dollar stimulus plan.  As Jason Mattera forgets, it was the Iraqi war that first set the country back trillions of dollars.  But I’d bet Jason Mattera would not even consider watching a Michael Moore movie (Capitalism).  Was Bush taunted as much due to his complete lack of consideration of bills and laws that he helped pass?  No matter how careless things were done by Bush, at least he did get things done – and didn’t wait until the last minute.  Oh wait, yes he did.  I just remembered “Hurricane Katrina.” 

     Jason Mattera seems to be getting a lot of support from conservatives like Karl Rove.  Where Obama came on the scene with Hope and Change, the support from many of his own party members just wasn’t there.  There was a lot of opposition due to many Democrats feeling the need to be liked by the American people.  With the Tea Party being created on the theme of bias, Jason Mattera may be taking that same stance.  There was a time when a minority would never consider himself of herself a Republican.  Today, even the poorest of minorities consider themselves biased for all the wrong reasons.  In lieu of all this, anyone who wants their fifteen minutes of fame, a book deal, face time on television, and a chance to run for office with no experience (just money), just say something negative about the President of the United States of America.  Pay close attention to Jason Mattera, you have to get them while they’re young.  This is known as Brainwashing.  Brainwashing is something Jason Mattera says Obama Conservatives have done to the American people.  He knows that it will be the youngsters who will soon take over the country.  And they will go on to make the mistakes of Reagan and the Bushes because of money.  Not money for the people, but for other reasons. 

     “It’s all about feelings and not facts.”  That is part of Mattera’s premise for his book, “Obama Zombies.”  Simon and Schuster has seen Mattera’s book as a bestseller.  Who bought it?  I can’t remember seeing any advertising for a book of this nature – full of racial slurs and false facts.  Remember Jason, it’s all about the facts and you are still a minority.  Ride the wave for as long as you can because who knows the next time there will be another man like Barack Obama in a house that you hope to someday occupy?

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