His Screams

His Screams

A Poem by TTBoy
This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

It was no use

trying to cover up a feeling

that should have been experienced by

 more than two at a time

A wrong spot here

A wrong rub here

Everything about the scene was odd

except for the outcome

Exceptional was the outcome

and outward did they both come

As I flip flopped them both

 they both came on each other

on my hand

 my arm

in my face

in my mouth

Yet to outdo me

 His screams were louder

 than hers

And as an outward pouring of emotional affection

 he screamed for the stallion to ride the stallion

To out do me

 She would watch

My handkerchief acted as lasso

 and ultimately briddle

The harder I pulled

 the deeper I fell into him

As the scene had been contrived

 the excitement grew impatient for the onlooker

  Wishing for a speedier spent charade

 she became impressed with his girth and mirth

So to outdo me

  she slid below and nearly lost her uterus

   as the heat and moistness accepted a 2 by 4

 that was elongated by elongated pleasure

And as I loosened my grip

 the stallion continued galloping and trolloping

  through a sticky fertile field overflooding after having

   its levee stretched to the max

I watched

 such a beautiful animal terrorizing

    pillaging another

 and soon moans became louder than screams

 and the springs came through the mattress as she came

  on him and he in her

Body parts slapping and sticking together

 creating its own Christmas foam

And I used theirs to aid in my own


 there was no shame as something more than “Thank You”

  was given in exchange for the sweet smell of lust that bombed

 the bordello

With it now being my turn

 and after all that

  if someone hadn’t conceived,

   they would sure feel like they had



© 2010 TTBoy

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