A Poem by TTBoy

Do not look beyond my intention

For if you do, it won’t be my fault

 that you find me out to be less than


I can tell you one thing

And totally believe another to be true

But you won’t know

  because by the time you have figure

 me out,

 You will be the whore I slipped out on

in the middle of your next thought

Never condescending

 I am not

You are human and that should be

enough for you to realize that

 Sometimes it is best to store a two-headed coin

 in your pocket

   for a rainy day


You better be the one calling the shots


And there will be a rainy day

I am probably being seen as the most

 wicked and heartless prick on the face

 of this green-with-envy planet

But, it’s not my rainy day

And as far as I’m concerned,

  it never will be

© 2010 TTBoy

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