John Mayer Saved My Life

Your Body Is a Wonderland
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John Mayer Saved My Life

A Poem by TTBoy


It was late and cold

and I felt really bold

thought I would start a fight

I was all pumped up

gin and juice in my cup

Man, I felt better than alright

I got inside

ready to take a ride

Good, she was already in bed

I Took off my clothes

Heaven only knows

why my shirt was blood red

She awoke from all my clatter

Ah Hell, what did it matter

we were about to throw down

But when she turned on the light

even I was caught in fright

when I noticed her big ass frown

“Where you been at, all this time?”

the sound almost made me lose my mind

what could I possibly say?

That I was out with the boys

or over at Roy’s

I just didn’t need this today

“I waited for you

and your kid did too.

Don’t you have any respect for us?”

Boy, my high went bye bye

as I wanted to die

I felt like I was just hit by a bus

So I stood for a minute

and I tried to be in it

my punk ass started to cry

She jumped from the bed

nearly hitting her head

I just needed to find a really good lie

“Baby, I got jumped

and the car tire couldn’t get pumped

I’m not drunk, I just smell like gas

Please forgive me

this is not how this night was to be

I’ll make it up to you real fast”

“Well, why didn’t you answer your phone

You know we were all alone

for all you know, we could have been getting killed!”

I told you I can’t work this thing

“I don’t even know how to make it ring

this is where I’m just not skilled”

Then, she took it out of my hand

Me, feeling like less than a man

why do I do this time and time again?

She started to dial my phone

damn, she just couldn’t leave it alone

I was hangin’ on by a prayer

As sure as there is a Heaven above

I forgot about my love

had a ringtone by John Mayer

“Your Body is a Wonderland”

rang in my hand

I saw the look on her face

Standing there amazed

or was it dazed

All reason to doubt me just left

When she disconnected the line

she said, “You know you’re mine!”

and her hand began to massage her cleft

We threw down that night

And I made sure everything would be alright

If ever I were to change that tune

it better be over the moon

all because of my man, John Mayer and his

“Your Body is a Wonderland”


© 2010 TTBoy

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