Margaret Cho…no love from America!

Margaret Cho and Louis van Amstel
Image by trhnlhi via Flickr

Margaret Cho was voted off Dancing With The Stars last night.  It was a tearful departure as Margaret praised her dancing partner, Louis van Amstel, her time, and the judges on the show.  “I thought the judges were really hard on me, but I think you were hard on me because you could see that I am a dancer, for real, and I thank you for that.  I will take that with me forever, thank you so much,” said Cho.  And, of her dance partner, Louis, “I had the best teacher and the best partner, so thank you fr the opportunity to dance.”  As a child, Margaret was teased for being fat, and told that she would be a “fat” dancer. 

     As the tallies for the show were computed, Cho and van Amstel finished tenth and last place on Monday night – having received 18 out of 30 possible points from the judges on the show.  Really?  As “The Situation” continues galloping sloppily on the show and Bristol Palin continuing to move with zombie-like class, America just could not tolerate her wonderful antics designed for the show or that she supports gays.  Yes, Margaret Cho wore a shimmying rainbow flag mini-dress during her dance routine on Monday night.  This may really have been the reason Margaret and Louis were booted from the show.  Never in all the days of DWTS has there been anyone as big a supporter for gay rights as Margaret Cho.  She put it out there and was afraid.  I think she knew that she would get some flack for this particular routine, but not dismissed from the show.  Like I said earlier, there were dancers who did not exude as much flair as Cho.  DWTS is definitely not a show to take a personal agenda.  Everyone there plays it safe.  There are no chances taken for anything on that show.  Even as early front-runner, Jennifer Grey, slipped in the ranking (she was never really a front-runner), I cannot understand why, now, Audrina Patridge is the new favorite because of one dance. 

     The judges on DWTS make or break a star.  We have seen Carrie-Ann soften her criticisms.  Where she was once a huge Jennifer Grey fan, she had to finally be honest about her performance.  And I am so glad she finally loosened up.  We have seen Bruno Tonioli, the most flamboyant judge on the show, not back down to his delivered critiques.  Bravo, Bruno!  Yet, Len Goodman remains very tasteful and in the upper echelon of judges.  Even as he delivers somewhat bad news, he does it with the most class than anyone.  Thank you, judges!

     America, as with “American Idol,” tends to vote the wrong way.  It is not always about the talent, but the message the artist delivers over the television screen.  If there was only some way to get America to not vote the way that they are voting, it would be “… a great day for America,” as Craig Ferguson – TV comedian for CBS would say.  C’mon, America, please loosen up!  Where is the harm in originality, being whimsical, and honest?  You’re promoting the wrong things, people – are they any better role models for children? 

     Ne-yo, who performed on the show and was fantastic!  And there was no lip-syncing.  Ne-yo has to be the best dancer/singer on the scene today.  Thank you, Ne-yo!  I wasn’t too thrilled with Michael Bolton’s version of Jeff Buckley’s, “Hallelujah.”  Although the song tempo is already quite somber, Michael’s performance made the song even more pathetic.  Sorry, Michael.  I can’t wait for Prince and Joan Jett to take to their stage.  That will be awesome!

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