Something Grabbed My Soul

Something Grabbed My Soul

A Poem by TTBoy

Something grabbed my soul

 before I hit the water

  and went in with me

No lights were before me or


But then

I rose

  I walked on that water with fear

until I made it back to the place

I fell from

And I still felt that which grabbed me

 My soul

  what I thought was so lost and tortured

 and I was disturbed

Because it was then that

 I saw a light inside me

  that I didn’t see before

  didn’t feel before

   didn’t know before

And I liked it

And though I didn’t know what it was

 I felt what it was

And I like it

  love it more and more everyday

I took a leap because I felt

  I had to

I felt

I felt

  whatever I felt

  felt with me

and saved me from something

© 2010 TTBoy

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