To Be Gay or Not To Stay Gay…that is an issue?

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I find it amazing that people, even today, cannot seem to get used to gay people or being gay.  In every family, every workplace, every street corner, every bathroom, every locker room…everywhere.  Why is it that people think that they have to get used to someone when they know what they are?  I mean, with so many biases being held by the masses, people carry on with their neighbors and friends on a daily basis until they find out that they have extorted money from their company, committed murder, are Jewish, are Puerto Rican.  What difference does it make – why does one’s “sexual orientation” play a factor in acceptance?  I bet when a straight-but-curious male goes into a bath house, no one discriminates against him because he is straight.  For the most part, he would most likely be the most welcomed. 

     Can people stay closeted forever for the sake of acceptance?  I don’t think it’s possible.  Persecution can happen whether one is straight or gay.  But, at the sight of a gay flag, the stereotypical Liza Minnelli song or a mention of RuPaul and straight men, especially, go GaGa instead.  The straight men and women seem to have more of a tolerance for gay women than gay men.  Thinking that it is the male influence on women to make them turn their backs to gays, why is that so?  With more and more strong opponents to gay everything being found to be gay themselves, are the so-called vocal heterosexual men doing anyone a favor by being so boisterous?  Looking back at a movie I saw years ago, “American Beauty,” it’s always the strong, stern type that comes out, after repressing feelings of same-sex adoration for years.  With that said, look at families like that with gay children.  The children must not only be miserable, they must be terrified to confide in their parents about their feelings. 

     I wish people would just stop saying that they are still trying to get used to gay people.  You get used to a cold sore.  You don’t get used to a gay person.  A straight man being intimidated by a gay man really says something about both men.  The straight man (according to the media) is not in touch with any of his feelings and feels that the gay man is trying to “hit” on him.  Many straight people should not try to flatter themselves with this way of thinking.  So many straight men, and even women, fail on proper hygiene.  And please don’t bring up HIV and AIDS anymore when it has to do with gay people.  The HIV/AIDS issue is now everybody’s issue – most likely due to straight men straying from the household or acting on the “Down Low.”  The openly gay man walks more with an air of confidence.  One gay man who does not fear any retaliation or bullying by straight men seem to be more in control of their lives and quite prosperous.  It is usually the confused hetero-male who has trouble getting or keeping a grip on his life. 

     Gay used to mean happy.  It still is for many and can be for others.  If only heterosexuals would realize that the gay people know that they are people too, the world would be a much happier place.  Everyone wants to live together in peace, love, and harmony.  I don’t think anyone wants the day to come when straight people will be the minority or the outcast.  That just wouldn’t be right.

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