Tyler Clementi and Rutgers University — where is the true officiating?

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     This is not the time to let matters cool down in the suicide case of Tyler Clementi, the former Rutgers University student.  To let matters cool would be to nearly forget the heinous crime committed. 

     ABC News has reported Molly Wei’s attorney, William Fisher, has stated that his client is innocent of any wrongdoings regarding the Tyler Clementi suicide.  Molly Wei is not as innocent as her attorney makes her out to be.  Wei was fully aware of what Ravi was doing and had done to Tyler Clementi and did nothing to hamper his actions.  In fact, she may have enjoyed the show.  Also, to say that Molly Wei is a “wonderful, caring and talented young woman with a bright future,” is to negate all that she has done to aid in the destruction of another talented person who also had a bright future.  It is really a shame how people always try to justify themselves by claiming to be so loving and caring once they’ve committed a crime.  A good question to ask would be -“Who is Wei so loving and caring of?” 

     We can ask the same of Ravi.  No longer should that excuse be heard in any court.  The humiliation of Tyler Clementi was no mistake, by any means.  Clementi was not bullied as he was taunted by the two perpetrators (i.e. for ransom, extortion – unless Ravi propositioned Clementi/as we already knew of Clementi’s sexual preference).  The humiliation came after the unknown filming of Tyler Clementi was completed as Ravi, more than likely, then taunted Clementi with the recording. 

     For Ravi to view his actions as a humorous, childish prank is in itself ridiculous.  He and Wei had to know how grave their actions would be perceived by the one humiliated, Clementi.  Ravi should be pressured about “why” he did what he did.  He and school officials, who were alerted by Clementi as to what happened should be held accountable for not reprimanding Ravi and Wei earlier after the first filming of Clementi.  Wei should not be exonerated for she was privy to everything. 

     Again, invasion of privacy is no a strong enough charge for Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei for their actions towards Tyler Clementi’s murder.  Although it has been ruled a suicide, this is actually murder.  Tyler Clementi, in no way, with his back against every wall of Rutgers University, could fight his way out of the humiliation he had been subjected to.  There was no way he could win.  There was no one on his side.  A roommate is supposed to be a person whom the other could confide in at school.  In some way, Ravi’s dislike for Clementi must have resorted to the filming as retaliation.  Yes, you can point the blame here for what has happened to the Rutgers University student.  With so many being knowledgeable of his situation, it was, in a way, similar to a stoning. 

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