To Kill Without Killing

To Kill Without Killing

A Poem by TTBoy

They all did it

 though they didn’t touch him

  or spit directly on him

They all did it

To know of someone’s intent

 and motive to harm another for their

  benefit makes them just as guilty

as they stood by

 and sat by

                and did nothing to stop it

But there have been others

It’s just that the thinly layered layer of

 dirt used to cover their shame

  has not been dusted yet by the breath

 of those gone before him

And the real killers

    roll with the crocodiles

 They will until someone with a strong enough

harpoon comes along

and snares all that they have swallowed


  there will really be no need for a courtroom

 For we would only see their humiliation



© 2010 TTBoy

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