For the Love of Media

For the Love of Media

A Poem by TTBoy

You are bent

 and you don’t even know it

the stories you hear

the pictures you see

Even those who report the images

 to you

bend you in ways that you

 can’t get out of

You are given enough to keep you

 and you are not given enough

to keep you

And you think that the truth

 is there

  transmitted through a tube that you

 position wherever you want to

You get bent

 and you don’t even have to watch a porno

They give you what they want to give you

You take what you are given


Except you pay for being powerless

 one way or another

you pay

Although your body doesn’t feel the gang-rape effects

 Your mind does

And eventually

 your controlled bent mind starts to control others

And eventually

 you become their featured story

  because you liked

    loved being

     getting bent


 by those who changed their name from


Frankie told you to Relax

© 2010 TTBoy

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