Mexican Pirates, shots fired, blond woman with a male, Jet Skis, a most convenient untruth

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“David and I were racing back to the U.S., and they started shooting.  I looked back, and I saw that David had been shot, and I turned around to go get him.”  These are the words spoken by Tiffany Hartley, the wife of allegedly slain David Hartley, as she spoke to Good Morning America on Thursday. 

     After repeated warnings to not venture to the Mexican side of the lake, the couple still went out in hopes of taking pictures of a church.  Are you kidding me?  Mexican Pirates are Mexican Pirates!  It means, Stay Away!  What’s so strange about this case is, if there were even pirates out on the lake at that time, why did the pirates allow the couple to even turn and attempt to leave?  I mean, it should have been enough to just hold them at gun fire and have them come aboard their ship.  Then again, if they did have enough time to turn around, after the ship approached them, why did they just shoot him?  These are pirates.  Why was she spared…and don’t tell me that it was because she was a woman?  It all sounds too fishy.  I would like to know if there were any cameras located at the place the couple was staying.  No one remembers the couple going out on the water but, strangely, a so-called eye-witness, who wanted to remain anonymous through a shadow and with voice alteration for the reason that he feared for his life, comes forward and says, “I saw the Jet Ski come around an island.  There was something wrong actually.  The way I saw her come around it looked like something terribly wrong happened.  I mean, she was jittery, frantic.  …She was crying, sobbing.”  Now, help me understand this.  If they were both riding the Jet Skis, crazily trying to escape, how did Tiffany Hartley know that her husband was shot in the head?  There was no way she was looking at him the entire time if they were really that frantic.  And when did the firing from the pirates stop long enough for her to even attempt to retrieve her husband’s limp body?  Remember, she is on the water, both supposedly wearing life preservers.  It’s her husband, and she abandons him.  Wasn’t there something she could use to hook her husband’s life-preserver to her Jet Ski?  Was she too distressed to attempt something like that for him?  I find that hard to believe that she basically did nothing to aid her husband…how did she know he was dead, just because he fell over?  Had the shoe been on the other foot, I do believe that David would have stayed with Tiffany.  With no Jet Ski found, no life-preserver, is David really dead?  Or, could this just be another stunt at 15 minutes of fame?  So far, that’s all its adding up to.

     “I know what I know.  As long as I know the truth, God knows the truth.  And other than that, it almost doesn’t really matter to me, because I know what happened that day, said Tiffany Hartley, speaking to HLN‘s “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on Thursday.  Hartley conceded with, “It’s hard being judged.”  Tiffany, if you can’t believe why authorities don’t believe you, it’s because your story is not even fantastic.  No one saw you go out on the water, but someone sees you returning frantically. 

     Could it be that Tiffany had an issue with moving back to Colorado where the couple grew up.  According to an high-school classmate, Jenny Mishler, “The Hartleys had lived in McAllen, Texas and in Mexico for the past three years.  Until about seven months ago, David Hartley had worked for an oil company in the Mexican city of Reynosa, and the Hartleys were planning to move back to northern Colorado – where they grew up – this week.  And conveniently, David Hartley disappears after being shot in the head by a band of Mexican Pirates when the couple attempted to take pictures of a church – after being repeatedly warned to stay away from the area.  Wow!  And Tiffany still can’t believe “…they don’t believe me…”

     As matters gets more ridiculous, Tiffany Hartley wants to smear President Obama’s name by having him start an expedient search for her husband.  Who is going to pay for this search, Tiffany?  It was your fault to even go into the water.  Again, this is all too convenient as a way to strike up sympathy.  Include a President who has a high disapproval rating.  And she wonders why no one believes her.  On the Jane Velez-Mitchell show, a member of Jane’s panel applaud’s Tiffany’s composure, claiming that it takes a lot to keep a lie straight, if in fact she was lying.  As in the Bishop Long sexual allegations case, statements can be rehearsed repeatedly.  There is definitely more to this story than is being reported.  Unlike the Tyler Clementi case at Rutgers University, where officials actually have proof of accomplice activity along with a dead body, that is not the case here with Tiffany Hartley.  Tiffany Hartley is a little woman who was spared by a band of pirates over her large-sized husband. 

     Now is the time for authorities and officials to get out of the water and review the Hartleys life on land.  I am sure that something is bound to pirate them back at home.

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