The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

A Poem by TTBoy

Having no idea about the

 day you had the day we made it


actually was the beginning of the end

Nothing I could do

But I knew something was there

 it was wrong

Yet I held it together

  for as long as I could

You couldn’t blow me or blow me off

 enough times to make me feel

 that I was delusional or developing a paranoid

  brain fart that keeps that voice in my head

  telling me that you

are perfect

Even naked

 You are not perfect

Even in your own mind

 You run from yourself

and I see you running

And when I found out what happened

 it could have been alright

 because of my commitment at the time

  to you

And even though I want you back,

the beginning of the end is knowing

  that you are bound to repeat that

same selfish behavior

  and I am just too old to keep up with

that kind of energy

I held it together this long

What’s another fifteen years?


© 2010 TTBoy

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