The Salacious Leather Chair

The Salacious Leather Chair

A Poem by TTBoy

Naked I sit

 on my leather bow-back chair

Pen in hand

 control on my mind

As everything hangs

 and dangles

the only breeze that blows

is the steam from the coffee pot

that stimulates me

       arouses me

  My aphrodisiac

   for the salacious donut awaiting me in

 my bedroom

And as I tap my pen on the desk

 the sounds increases

  as the bass grows

 and the fixtures around me move

 hearing the headboard bang against

  the wall behind us

   feeling the headboard bang

    seeing us banging

I stiffen even more

 as I remember spending myself thoroughly

  in that delicious powdered, jelly-filled mass of yeast

  willingly spread for me

  devotedly accepting all of me

Thank goodness for good leather

 There is no evidence that I even came

  out of the room to think about what I just did


© 2010 TTBoy

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