Volunteering to take a Lie Detector test…more and more guilt shows for Tiffany Hartley

When a person volunteers too much information, they usually don’t appear as credible.  For the people who believe this person when she says that she had to leave her husband behind as Mexican Pirates shot at them – need to have their heads examined.

     What reason did the Mexican Pirates have for shooting at this couple?  Absolutely no reason.  Remember Susan Smith, the woman who killed her children and claimed that a black man hijacked her car and kidnapped her children in South Carolina?  This seems all too strange.  And for Jane Velez-Mitchell to say that this tiny and petite woman could not have done anything to her 250 pound husband, give me a break.  Picture this, if the couple did actually jet ski to the church (which I don’t believe), did they not have to go onto land to take the pictures?  Anything could have happened once on land.  And, why would Pirates discard a life-preserver from the body?  That blood could have been  smeared on the life-preserver once on land (remember Mark Fuhrman?) and thrown back in the water while a distraught Mrs. Hartley dashed back to land.  Odd, that Mrs. Hartley would even have the composure to race back to land after her husband had been “killed” or shot in the head by Mexican Pirates.  And remember, they were warned to stay out of the Mexican territory.

     We have been told many a time that a lie detector really does not offer any assistance to anyone.  Especially if the wrong questions are asked, a person could render the test “inconclusive.”  Apparently, this is what Tiffany Hartley, the wife of allegedly slain jet skier David Hartley, wants to happen.  Her composure should remind one of an anti-depressant user.  She appears way too somber for what has apparently happened to her.  I also find it hard to believe that anyone would be taking her direction as to where to look for her husband.  She ends each directional with, “…that’s just what I think…”  At first, Tiffany said that she would take a test…then, she says that she would take one “if they ask me to.”  With all the American and Mexican dollars going into the search for David Hartley, there is also the manpower that is involved as well.  I really do hope that someone other than Tiffany Hartley owns up to David Hartley’s disappearance.  Otherwise, who’s going to pay for this search?

     Earlier this week, a person who knows the Hartley’s offered information that the Hartleys were planning to move back to Colorado.  How did Tiffany feel about this retreat?  Did she want to go back or had she grown too comfortable with the lifestyle she had in Texas and Mexico?  While the search continues, a search should be conducted into the Hartley’s way of living.

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