Another Tiffany Hartley convenient untruth – and it all happened, where?

Picture this, you visit a town, knowing that you have expired tags, and you conveniently get pulled over with two jet skis on the back of your truck.  I don’t know about you, but again, I find this all too convenient for a murder with no body. 

     Tiffany and David Hartley was accosted by Mexican Pirates as they were attempting to take pictures of a church on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.  After repeated warnings, the two still took their jet skis out onto the water.  Apparently, according to Tiffany Hartley, the pirates began shooting at the couple, striking her husband, David, in the head.  Why couldn’t they hit her?  Tiffany, noticing that her husband was shot in the head, tried to pull her husband up onto her jet ski, but to no avail.  At what distance did the Mexican Pirates begin shooting and finally hitting Tiffany Hartley’s husband?  When she tried to pull him up, had they stopped shooting at them at that time?  During Tiffany Hartley’s call to 911, she, to me, sounded very calm – but others would say that she sounded frantic, crying, erratic.  Even an eye-witness, who chose to remain anonymous due to possible death threats by anyone affiliated with the Mexican Pirates, only claimed to have seen Tiffany returning from the lake without her husband.  The eye-witness claimed to have noticed how Tiffany Hartley was crying, sobbing

     Again, the act of getting pulled over by the police for an expired tag seems very bizarre.  It’s just that, on the day they get pulled over, he goes missing.  Why not her?  Why wasn’t Tiffany Hartley the one to go missing?  It would have seemed a little more logical that the small of the two get shot or go missing.  But deaths have been faked for quite some time now, and for many reasons.  Most of the time, I believe, the wife is not present.  For example, the Indiana Money Manager who tried to fake his death by crashing his plane just recently got 10 years for his fraudulent act.  The Hartleys knew for quite some time, as the rest of the world did, that there were Mexican Pirates wreaking havoc on the Mexican waters.  What an opportunity! 

     How can anybody be wrong for believing that Tiffany Hartley is not telling the entire truth?  Everything just does not add up.  And, the Mexican authorities are rushing to judgment in suggesting that they are in belief of Tiffany’s story 99%.  What would it benefit the pirates to keep David Hartley’s body?  They shot him in the head – he fell off the jet ski (?) – she tried to help him – all was found was the life-preserver with a little, what appears to be, blood on it.  Yet, Tiffany Hartley can offer no valid proof about the boat/ship the pirates were on (probably except what she has heard on television.  Also, did Tiffany have to ride her jet ski into that particular area that she did?  It all seems like Tiffany needed a witness for her story – and she knew there would be at least one person there when she drove up.  The blood on the life-preserver could actually be David’s.  But I truly don’t believe it’s due to a gun shot to the head.  And I hope that the scene wasn’t staged along with someone or people in authority.

8 thoughts on “Another Tiffany Hartley convenient untruth – and it all happened, where?

  1. Are you on drugs?

    “the act of getting pulled over by the police for an expired tag seems very bizarre.” I dont understand why this would be strange, Police pull people over all the time and one of the crimes that is very easy to spot is expired tags, Why is this so strange too you?????

    Have any of you been under fire, the person next to you head explodes and those same people are still behind you poised to kill you, what would you do, how would you react?

    Why do you find it strange that the eye-witness only saw the woman returning, would you expect the dead husband to be ridding his jet ski?

  2. Why has Tiffany not been arrested and charged with her husband’s murder? If it was a man claiming that same story, he would be in jail awaiting trial.

  3. For some reason, The Stratfor, the public research group on the Mexican Pirates and/or drug cartel, has now come forth (from out of nowhere) to show support in Tiffany Hartley’s claims. This really has been going on too long – as each and every day a new and different light is shed on something more disturbing in Tiffany’s tale, a different excuse is used for her. When it was brought to the world’s attention that the expired tags on the truck was just too much of a convenience, it all of a sudden turned into the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel stalking the Hartleys. The only one who knew about the expired tags and the truck being pulled over was the Mexican police officer who pulled them over. I only wish we were able to see exactly who it was in the vehicle at that time.

    1. Tiffany is obviously guilty, if the incident happened in the U.S.A. she would be charged with murder and would be in jail awaiting trial with death penalty possibilities.

  4. But even the fact that Americans are helping to locate the allegedly dead figure of David Hartley is disturbing. Maybe this is the U.S.’s way of keeping peace with Mexico.

  5. Can I volunteer to administer the lethal dose to that murderous Tiff? I’m ready and it would be an honor to give some dignity to this victim-David after what she did to him, at least according to the facts of this case.

    1. According to the facts, I still want to question that anonymous eye-witness and then the member of The Stratfor. Tomorrow, there may be a new revelation…of something. I still think this had a lot to do with Tiffany not wanting to move back to Colorado.

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