The Convenient Untruth Tale of a Hartley

Calculated Risks for Tiffany and David Hartley – Mexico was the place to go… 

Yes, the camera shows that the Hartleys’ vehicle was pulled over by the police, three hours before the alleged fatal event took place.  My question is:  Did the Hartleys not know, prior to their mission in Mexico, that their tags had expired on their vehicle?  This, to me, just screams, “Come and get me!”  As volatile as Mexico is towards Americans, who would want to take that chance of going into an area like that?  In lieu of this, Mexico would have no choice but to let the vehicle go – with a warning.  I may be wrong about this, but this does sound a little more logical.

     When the Pirates started shooting after the Hartleys, just how far from the ship did they Pirates allow them to get before they started shooting?  From what I read, in Tiffany Hartley’s earlier statement to the press, is the Pirates pulled up alongside of the couple and they started shooting.  Now, with Pirates being sharp shooters, why did they only take out David, Tiffany’s husband?  No one would have to be on drugs to pose these questions.  Where is the logic of trying to outrun the shootings of Pirates?  Did the Pirates give them a “head-start” to get away?  Who, of the two, drove their jet ski the fastest?  If Tiffany saw David’s head explode, it makes sense that he was ahead of her, right?  She stops to try and help him – and then, all of a sudden, the firing stops?

     From the video, are the occupants completely visible?  Did the police officer who pulled over the Hartleys’ vehicle actually see Mrs. Hartley in the vehicle?  The video has the police officer talking directly to David Hartley.  What was this vehicle doing to get pulled over by the police officer?  It just seems that it was all too much of a coincidence that their vehicle was pulled over – out of all the other possibly expired tags in Mexico.  With the supposed eye-witness who saw Tiffany coming around the island, why would this person have to be in disguise, when not even the law officials talk without voice distortion or face masks?  What makes this person so special?  Is it possible that this person could be recognized by other people familiar with the Hartleys?

      I do hope that I am raising pertinent suggestive questions related to someone’s disappearance.  I do hope that David Hartley is found.  I also hope that Tiffany Hartley can accurately remember what happened on that alleged fateful day that the Mexican Pirates approached them.  Please let blood be blood – no matter what part of the body it spews from. 

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