America, we have selected two Mexican suspects in the Jet Ski attack. Are you satisfied?

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10:11pm, Saturday night, October 9, ABC News reported “Mexican officials have reportedly identified two men they say are suspects in a pirate attack nine days ago on a Texas couple Jet Skiing on a border lake in which the husband was killed.”

     Two brothers, Pedro Saldiva Farrias, 27 and his brother, Jose Manuel Saldiva Farrias, are suspects in the Hartley’s’ pirate attack.  How were these two young men selected?  Although no photographs of the two suspects have been released, these two men are what Mexican law officials have determined to be the suspects – not the “main” suspects, but suspects.  With no body available, it is still very difficult to declare David Hartley dead.  Also, there has been no report about the blood found on the life vest – supposedly that of David Hartley.  With Tiffany Hartley pleading to not only Mexican officials to find her husband, she is doing the same to the Americans.  Now, the only other recourse would be to implicate the first two people possible for the crime that Tiffany said was committed on the Mexican border side of Falcon Lake.  Why only two suspects?

     As said by Tiffany Hartley, “It’s hard to believe that they don’t believe me, but it is a story that most people don’t understand that pirates would be on a lake, that the cartel(s) are taking over Mexico.  It’s a story that people don’t understand unless they’re on that border.”  This statement comes from a woman who was warned repeatedly about the Mexican border pirates.  Not only was she told face-to-face, but even the residents of Mexico knew about the parents.  Even Americans knew about the Mexican Pirates taking up residence on the Mexican border.  So, again, why would the Hartleys attempt to ride the lake on the Mexican side to go to take pictures of a church? 

     Is it also fair for Tiffany Hartley to make a plea to President Obama and Hillary Clinton for help to find her husband’s body?  This should not be an American problem, just because the persons in jeopardy are/were American.  They got no directive from America to be in Mexican waters.  Again, even Mexico warned them not to be there.  To aid in their disregard of the Mexican Pirates occupying the Mexican border at the time of her husband’s death, Tiffany Hartley was reported as saying that it had been some months since they had heard reports of pirates being on the lake.  Is that true?  Hadn’t there been a report of pirates being seen on the lake in August and September?  Some months?  Really?

     Do the Mexican officials hope to apprehend the now suspects in David Hartley’s death?  If and when they do get the suspects, do they really hope they will speak freely about this one particular incident, the only one of at least five that has resulted in a death?  Have they considered having Tiffany Hartley aid in a re-enactment of the crime?  What threat did the Hartleys pose to the Mexican Pirates for them to open fire and kill the male?  I guess Mexican officials are just saying they have suspects – maybe this is being said to quiet whatever Americans are concerned with their progress.  As the Texas Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales said, “We cannot go to Mexico, we cannot recover that body, we cannot conduct an investigation, we have to tell the family we can’t do anything about it.”

     It is still very convenient for a trip to be made in hostile waters just to take pictures of a church – only to have one be reported as dead and the other to have seen the death.

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