Dance, Bitch!

Dance, Bitch!

A Poem by TTBoy

Walk on over here

 and ask my name

Do I want a dance,

 everything else is all the same

Sure, I got a five

 I got more where that

 came from

When you shake it,

 throw it on me,

I want it live

I see what you got

 Not supposed to touch

but you’re more than a fantasy

Work your spell on me, like a witch

Let me see what you can do,

 Go on and Dance, Bitch!

I don’t have to take off my clothes

 I’m a let you see how I get turned on

Bend on over

 and touch your toes

Right now, you’re my prescription

Be careful when you feel me

 You’ll get more than you think you

bargained for

I’m only here to give you a good time

Tonight, you’ll be my candy store

I got a home to go to

So you know I’m just passin’ through

You saw me when I walked in the door

Had no idea I’d make yo’ ass

 hump the floor

Get on up,

 when I wiggle my finger at cha

If you ain’t ready,

 I ain’t gonna be mad at cha

Keep doin’ what chu do

 as long as I got this wad

we gonna be stuck like glue

I just might buy this club

 just for a little rubba-dub-dub

Anything else would be a shame

I don’t even wanna know your name

I got a home to go to

Right now, I’m just passin’ through

Remember how I walked through that door

Next time, you betta already be on

 the floor


© 2010 TTBoy

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