Two Random Mexican Pirates selected for murder

ABC News has reported that Mexican cops called off news conference to release names of the Mexican Pirates that were given on Friday.

     The two suspects were identified as Pedro Saldiva Farrias, 27, and his brother, Jose Manuel Saldiva Farrias, whose age was not given.  Fearing the Mexican cartel, Mexican officials would not go public, or in front of a camera, with the names of the suspects.  As it was determined that the names would not be made public, the family of the Texas man allegedly killed in a Mexican Pirate attack, David Hartley, said that they don’t think anyone will ever be arrested in the case. 

     “I doubt that they ever make an arrest,” said Bob Young, father-in-law of David Hartley, whose wife Tiffany says he was gunned down by marauding pirates 11 days ago when the two were Jet Skiing on Falcon Lake, along the U.S. – Mexico border.  “I don’t know, and as far as finding the body all we can do is hope,” Young said.

     It is quite obvious that there would be fear instilled in Americans as well as the Mexicans for suspecting two young men who are said to be part of the Mexican cartel for a murder that they possibly did not commit.  If the Mexican Pirates control the Mexican waters, what would they have to fear for leaving a body that they have killed in the water?  What reason would they have for killing someone and leaving behind their life-vest?  Would they not be beyond making a statement already? 

     When Mexican officials decided to only release the names of the suspects, after cancelling a news conference to publicly announce the names of the suspects, one Mexican journalist who has covered the country’s drug wars told ABC News in an email, “It is surely because of the danger posed to everyone by the cartels taking revenge on anyone following up the case.”  This statement makes it seem as if Mexican officials have been in direct contact with the Mexican drug cartel and have been told directly to back off with this particular case.  Has this journalist had direct contact with the drug cartel – or anyone else for that matter?  This statement is quite misleading.

     Tiffany Hartley, the wife of David Hartley, says that with the naming of the suspects, the Mexican police might be able to find her husband’s body.  “I hope that its going to, you know, bring David home.  Hopefully they can tell us where he is and locate, you know, where he’s at so we can kind of end this.  As long as we find him, you know, then we can at least kind of bring some closure to this,” said Tiffany.

     Maybe this all doesn’t seem so peculiar, after all.

One thought on “Two Random Mexican Pirates selected for murder

  1. Why has Tiffany not been arrested and charged with her husband’s murder? If it was a man claiming that same story, he would be in jail awaiting trial.

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