I Used To Love You

I Used To Love You

A Poem by TTBoy

When I didn’t get enough of you

I moved to a more plush room

It gave me more comfort in case I

 fell and needed a softer landing

I’m still retrieving all of my clothes

 from the cleaners

All your make-up tear-filled stains

 saturated that part of my life

That was my first fall

My first taste that I could even love

 a crocodile

And now that I am free

I can pity you and gloat

 when your time comes


I can’t believe that I used to love you

When most people fall due to finances

 we said, “Hello,” to your numerous


I guess, you should have done the


The experiences lied and laid with you

 more than I could count


I whored myself for you

 and you blindsided me with an, “I’m sorry”

Making me feel like I just bought my own

  engagement ring

And now it’s stuck

I used to love you

 And I want to cuss and flip you the bird

and kick you and spit

 on you

But it won’t do any good

 because no matter what your now exes

 said to you to get you to come crawling back to me

I thank them for sending you back

 so you can hear me say, “Goodbye”

I’ve had enough


© 2010 TTBoy

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