Decapitation of a Hartley investigator…when did he go fishing?

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Has the Hartley situation started something that shouldn’t have been started?  As David Hartley, an American who went on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake with his wife, Tiffany, to take pictures of a church – after repeated warnings of Mexican Pirates occupying the waters, was allegedly killed by Mexican Pirates, according to his wife who witnessed the event, the Mexican drug cartel appears to have gone into retaliation mode based on Tiffany Hartley’s statement.

     Since Mexican officials released the names of two possible suspects in the alleged Hartley murder investigation, brothers Pedro Saldiva Farrias, 27, and Jose Manuel Saldiva Farrias, the severed head of Rolando Flores, the head of state investigators in Ciudad Miguel Aleman, was stuffed in a suitcase and delivered to the Mexican military earlier today.  We have been told in the past that the Mexican Pirates were basically a nuisance for those on the Mexican waters, but that there never any extreme incidents like that which occured with the Hartleys.  Until the release of any of those affiliated with the Mexican drug cartel or the pirates, the only one who really announced any fear was the anonymous witness to Tiffany Hartley coming around the island in a distressed state of being.  Now, if there is real reason to be fearful, we need to know when Rolando Flores actually started his supposed search of David Hartley.  As reported to the people, Mexican officials were afraid to start any search of David Hartley, especially on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, due to potential confrontation with the Mexican Pirates.  However, it must be determined whether the Mexican Pirates are the same group as the drug cartel.  You have land and ground to attend to while asking, “Where was Rolando Flores sent to search for David Hartley?”

     As quickly as the head of Rolando Flores was received by the Mexican military earlier today, Tamaulipas state prosecutor spokesman Ruben Rios told The Associated Press that Flores’ murder was “unrelated to the investigation” into Hartley’s death.

     Just the mentioning of the two brothers’ names was enough to enrage the Mexican Pirates and drug cartel.  It’s very easy to say that the decapitation of Rolando Flores is not related to the Hartley disappearance, but the damage may already have been done.  If Rolando Flores was not working solo on the search for David Hartley, who else was there?  Why was Rolando Flores working on his own, if, in fact, he was working alone?  Instead of the head of Rolando Flores being sent to Mexican officials, why wasn’t the Jet Ski belonging to David Hartley sent to them?

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