We Got Tonight

We Got Tonight

A Poem by TTBoy

The angels and the rebels

love to fight to find out what

 the other is made of

One of the angels like to

 tempt one of the rebels

who’ll make the greatest angel come from


But insecurity and factual

 security doesn’t mean a damn thing when

it’s all about love

And when you put the two together

No matter what kind of weather

 there’s bound to be trouble in sight

So then you look to the skies

And pray it’ll see your cries

Will it be a beautiful sight

And then the angels

 and the rebels stop doing what they’re


‘Cause that kind of thing just ain’t


It’s gonna be done

Yes, it’s gotta be done

They know just what to do

In the mind options are few

Not everyone will walk to the light

They take each other’s hand

Not just woman and man

To some it’s still a shame

In life it’s just a game

They tell each other things

And put on the little rings

That’s when the chorus sings

What gives them the right

To believe in what might

They may not have forever

But they tell each other

 – We Got Tonight


© 2010 TTBoy


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