Tiffany Hartley versus the Chilean Miners…and, the winner is…!

Just as the media has become fixated on another non-American event, Tiffany Hartley will not be outdone.  She has someone else going to bat for her. 

     On Thursday, a U.S. consulate official stated that the Mexican Pirates accused of killing David Hartley, husband of American Tiffany Hartley, may have mistaken the Hartleys for someone else. 

     “I think what you had is two innocent American tourists who mistakenly stumbled into a bad area and were pursued and the shooting occurred,” said Brian Quigley, spokesman for the U.S. consulate in Matamoros, across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas.  Are you kidding me?  An Austin, Texas-based public policy research group that analyzes the Mexican drug war , Stratfor, issued a report to which Quigley was responding to.  The report by Stratfor states that the Mexican Pirates may have mistaken Tiffany and David as drug runners.  My, how fantastic!  Someone is making sure that all avenues of disbelief are taken out of Tiffany Hartley’s statement.  Why?  Why would the Mexican Pirates consider the two people on Jet Skis as drug runners?  How much or how many drugs can one traffic on the Mexican waters with Jet Skis?  Remember, on September 30, Tiffany Hartley first said that she and her husband, David, were headed to take pictures of an old Mexican church (on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake) on to be approached by Mexican Pirates on a ship.  Now, it is being reported that three men on speedboats pursued them, shooting David in the back of the head, and continued shooting their guns as Tiffany was able to flee without getting hurt. 

     Unbelievable is how the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel was able to see the police car taping of the Hartley truck being pulled over holding Jet Skis.  As the Strafor reports, the pirates or drug gangsters may have thought the Hartleys were from a rival gang and were sent to spy on them.  What!  The initial report has the Hartley vehicle being pulled over due to expired tags three hours before Tiffany Hartley was seen by the anonymous eye-witness.  Who alerted the pirates and the drug cartel that the Hartleys were pulled over?  Are there blond, female gang members in Mexico?  It was never said if the expired tags were those of Texas or of Mexico.  Again, you are from Texas, but you live in Mexico with expired tags.  Did the Hartleys not know that their expired tags would draw attention?  Maybe, this is what the Hartleys wanted from the start. 

     With no evidence of David Hartley’s body being anywhere, one piece of evidence to arrive in a suitcase was the head of a federal investigator, Rolando Flores.  Although no one will state claim to the decapitation being directly related to the thoughtless naming of two suspects in the Hartley murder-disappearance, this incident has aroused even more fear for the Mexican people.  There has still been no information given as to when Rolando Flores started his own search for David Hartley, if in fact he was actually pursuing David Hartley’s body.  And, was he searching alone?  If he was, why?

     All this attention is being awarded to a couple, who after repeated warnings to stay as far away from the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, shrugged off the warnings and claimed to have gone out on the waters anyway.  How convenient.  The Stratfor seems to be the biggest supporter of Tiffany Hartley as the report makes excuses for her.  Because it is The Stratfor, when did this entity become so forceful?  I mean, the Mexican Pirate problem has only gotten noticed this year.  Already, The Stratfor is an authority on the Mexican Pirates and drug cartel.  

     The U.S. involvement in the Hartley disappearance may mean that they are biting off more than they can chew.  As Hilary Rodham Clinton, on Thursday, condemned the killing of the Mexican investigator calling it an example of “the absolute barbarity” displayed by terrorists and criminals around the world.  Does that mean that had the Jonas Brothers gone to Mexico and performed, and one of them broke their toe, that they could blame it on the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel?  Would it be the fault of the Mexican Pirates if the Jonas Brothers were told to wear shoes on stage?  This is not an American issue.  But, were the Hartleys residents of Mexico or were they residents of Texas?  Also dramatized is the claim by The Stratfor that once the pirates realized that they had killed an American, they burned the body to avoid U.S. backlash.  Who owns The Stratfor?  Was this research group designed to help anyone with claims against the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel?  If there was an anonymous eye-witness, it would make more sense for The Stratfor to remain anonymous from here on. 

     Because of The Stratfor, Quigley says, “We have absolutely no reason whatsoever to doubt anything Mrs. Hartley has told us.”  Mr. Quigley, do you think you can go back and have Mrs. Hartley tell her story again about how she and her husband were approached by the Pirates?  And, while you are at it, can you ask her if she was in favor of moving back to Colorado.  I just remember a friend or relative of the Hartleys mentioning that the Hartleys were planning to move back there just a week or so before David was shot in the head by the Mexican Pirates. 

     What is the Mexican government trying to prove?  Do they want to be as big as the Chilean Miners?  I suppose if they keep retrieving dead bodies of their own officials, they will be as famous as the Chilean Miners.  They better hurry though.  The miners already have a book deal.  Whatever happened to the blood evidence on the life-vest the Mexican police discovered?

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