Hardly Hartley

Hardly Hartley

A poem by TTBoy


Staged inventions

through contrived inventions

what a way to go

Lying on the innocent

as you are more and more belligent

why is the body lying low?

You used the time

and created your own crime

My what an opportunist

Delusional as you are

I can’t wait ’til your star

is burst by a flutist

As crocodiles cry

human beings lies

often believed by fools

You capitalized on a diversion

with a death with no emersion

silly girl has broken all the rules

There was one coward on your side

behind the shadow that lied

Now there”s a new sucker created

More than 15 minutes of fame

and all the world has is a name

one person will see your tire deflated

Colorado was so yesterday

you wouldn’t go back anyway

Oh you had such a great life

Just remember someone knows your secret

how long do you think they’ll keep it

when will you be an unmarried wife?


© 2010 TTBoy


2 thoughts on “Hardly Hartley

  1. Well said, Tiff is guilty as hell imo. And, it is a crime to shoot your spouse in the head like she did, isn’t it?

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