What’s really wrong with Bishop Eddie Long…and his church?

We knew it was too good to be true.  All quiet on the Southern front.  No way!  Someone else is running to try and cash in on the megachurch’s blunder.  And it’s even more ridiculous as the allegations made by the other four perpetrators.  On Wednesday,  October 13, former employee of the megachurch, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Tama Colson, filed for her fifteen minutes of fame in a North Georgia District Court.

     Tama Colson claimed that a male employee showed her a photo of a penis on a cell phone and that when she complained about it, the male employee and other employees of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church retaliated against her.  CNN.com

     The suit filed by Tama Colson states that the church is responsible for sexual harassment, retaliation, breach of fiduciary duty and infliction of emotional distress.  Did someone force Tama Colson to look at the photo or did she ask to see the photo?  Before Tama’s filing, the cellphone pictures had already been made public – that is, people were already that pictures existed.  But, we may not be talking about the penis of Bishop Long.  Is this the first time Tama Colson has seen a picture of a penis?  Or, is it the first time she saw one in New Birth Missionary Baptist Church? 

     Is the viewing of a picture considered sexual harassment, if the person was not held down and forced to view the photo?  A glance, a stare…what was it?  Did Tama Colson file charges because her God told her to?  What’s next for the megachurch?  Maybe old ladies will claim that they’re being discriminated against because there aren’t enough pictures around the church of older individuals.  Tama Colson is probably the first of women to file any kind of unfounded charges either against the church or Bishop Long.  More than likely, Tama Colson was told by counsel that it would be best to go after the church rather than the Bishop (since he doesn’t actually own the church). 

     When will Bishop Long use one of those five rocks he’s got in his pocket?  I would suspect that by the end of the year, the church and Bishop Long will have had about sixteen charges filed regarding breach of fiduciary duty and infliction of emotional distress.  I could only imagine how someone would feel when the one they looked up to for guidance and inspiration turned out to be something other than they invisioned.     Everything  would just turn so cheeky from then on.

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