Tiffany Hartley tells her fantastic tale to…someone

Why are Mexican authorities so believing of Tiffany Hartley’s tall tale of Mexican Pirates subduing her husband with a fatal gunshot to his head?  The latest story believed by Mexican authorities is that the Mexican Pirates wanted to steal the Jet Skis owned by allegedly slain, David Hartley, and his overly calm allegedly surviving spouse, Tiffany. 

     Again, if there were repeated warnings of trouble on the Mexican waters, who in their right or defying mind would not heed those warnings?  Tiffany and David Hartley, apparently.  But, each time one account is bashed, here comes another suggestion as to what has happened to David Hartley.  Out of nowhere, came The Stratfor, a public research group created solely for the purpose of becoming experts on the Mexican Pirates and/or drug cartel.   They have offered such fabulous insight into the Hartley’s disappearance.  But even they have not divulged what the outcome was of the life-vest that was apparently discovered – but has since vanished.  I bet psychic, Sylvia Brown, can find David Hartley.  After speaking with authorities, it was not told what types of questions Tiffany Hartley had to answer.  It was not also revealed that Tiffany refused to take or was not asked to take a life detector test.  The test would have deemed inconclusive anyway.  What if Tiffany Hartley was given sodium pentathol?  Oh, that’s right…that would be playing right into the hands of the drug cartel.  I don’t think the Mexican officials could do that.  On the other hand, the Americans can.  It’s my understanding the Hartleys are still American citizens.  Unless they can have dual-citizenship…  Can we assume that the insurance policy issued for both Tiffany and David Hartley was substantial enough to care for them for quite some time? 

     It is still a mystery as to the supposed drug cartel’s knowledge of the stopping of the Hartleys’ vehicle.  I only wish that there was a better of who actually occupied the truck pulled over by the Mexican police officer.  In order for the drug cartel to have been interested in the Hartleys vehicle, they would have had to have attention drawn to them specifically.  I mean, was the Hartleys truck only in Mexico on the day of David’s disappearance?  Was that day the only day they ever went Jet Skiing?  It seems too much of a coincidence for the Hartleys to then be driving around Mexico with expired tags in a hostile environment.  Could this have been a staged event?  Who was the officer that pulled over the vehicle?  Could this even be a fully staged case involving Tiffany Hartley and Mexican officials for reasons to involve the United States?  Before anyone asks me if I’m crazy, consider everything that is taking place in this case:  A fantastic story is being told, a federal investigator is decapitated after talking directly with Tiffany Hartley about the alleged murder of her husband (we still don’t know why he went off on his own), the results of the blood testing on the found life-vest have not been revealed, and Mexican authorities are very quick to close this case solely on the word of Tiffany Hartley.  Fear cannot be the only reason the Mexican authorities are refusing to go further into this investigation.  All it takes is one main character in this play to say, “We will hold Tiffany Hartley in custody as a suspect in the disappearance of David Hartley.”  As a matter of convenience, the entire event had to take place in Mexico.

     The tale of Tiffany Hartley seems like it’s a childish play with a band of fools as its willing characters.  As unbelievable as her story is, there has to be a big motive not to find Tiffany Hartley to be a suspect in her own crime.  If David Hartley is an American citizen, can Tiffany Hartley be held as a suspect in his disappearance on the American side?  Another question is, has Tiffany Hartley even returned to the U.S. since David’s disappearance?  Just something to think about.

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